Company Profile

Panabit is the industry-leading service provider of L7 layer application identification, flow control, application acceleration and ISP network optimization areas. As the national leader, the application recognition rate can achieve 95%+. The main products include: Panabit Smart Flow Control Gateway, Panalog Big Data Analysis Platform, iXCache Smart Cache, SD-WAN Smart Terminal. We committee to improve visualization, cost saving, behavior management and log auditing. Thus, we provide a more efficient, stable and opened application layer communication platform, products and services.

After 15 years of technology accumulation, Panabit has successfully served 5,000 cases in ISP, universities, hospitals, energy companies, governments and financial industries, etc., and well known for its high product reliability and stability. It has more than 90,000 customers in Internet Café, Hotel and other business areas.

At present, Panabit has more than 90 million online users, and has deployed the Smart Flow Control Gateway services to over 120,000 network outputs. Over 14Tbps of data traffic passing through Panabit on real time. It also helps Panabit to a timely & accurate application update and prompt data analysis of the internet.

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